Opt Out Instant Personalization AND Block Mafia Wars


I am continuing to add information to what I consider an important tips guide. Most of my additions are at the bottom under Further on The Instant Personalization Topic.As you may have noticed, every time Facebook makes a major change to their website, you need to go in and reset your privacy … [Read more...]

Hoping for a Healthy USPS


Social Media communication, emails and bills paid on-line have beaten down the US Post Office's profitable first class mail. Major cost cuts have been made and more proposed.   My question is, has first class mail gotten slower? In my experience three important pieces of mail sent by first … [Read more...]

My Sunday Night Shared Experience Tweet Makes a Hootsuite Webinar Appearance


No doubt it had a lot to do with the timing. Based on the info in the Hootsuite screenshot, when I tweeted this at 11 pm my time in Kauai, it was 5 am on the receiving end. Probably a very quiet time in their home feed giving me a chance to "show up".  The Twitter Community Shared Experience … [Read more...]

Are You Using GeoLocation Platforms Safely

Linda Sherman interviewing Whrrl about Geolocation Privacy

Today LaLaWag posted an excellent article written by Melissa Jun Rowley FourSquared and FourScared Important interviews with Sarah J. Gim and Paige Craig illustrate the specific types of scams that can happen. I have a great interest in Geolocation platforms and have been striving to use them … [Read more...]

How to Bookmark with Delicious – Choose Your Tags Well


Set up an account http://Delicious.com  “Join Now” You will need a Yahoo account If you don’t have one, set it up.Your user name becomes the URL of your Delicious. Example: http://delicous.com/LindaSherman Note that it is best to create your Yahoo account on your own computer because of cookies … [Read more...]

Use Dictation Software to Transcribe your Podcast or Video

My husband, Ray Gordon, is currently using Dragon technology based Mac Speech Dictate for his work because his accident injured his hand.   It works very well but as with any dictation tool, it still requires some touch up. I originally wrote this post to let you know about an offer someone … [Read more...]