Happy Anniversary Social Media Examiner – Mike Stelzner

Today is the anniversary of Social Media Examiner, launched October 12. Mike Stelzner tells the story here of what motivated the timing. One important factor – Mike would be speaking at Blog World 2009 where he knew social media leaders would be gathering.

I had the opportunity to meet Mike myself at Blog World 2009 and interviewed him. Here you can find his tips about how to rally your Twitter community using the social proof mechanism to take you where you want to go. These tips are great for cause marketing. Obviously, you need to build relationships with people first to have this work for you. It’s all give and take.

How Do You Rally a Community With Twitter – Mike Stelzner Interviewed by Linda Sherman

Mike goes into more detail today on how to make things happen for you on-line in his anniversary post called Three Ways to Achieve Explosive Blog Growth. It’s definitely worth a read!

I have attended Blog World Expo the past two years and highly recommend it. I hope to see you there!


  1. Bruce Sallan says

    Congrats to Mike Stelzner and the Social Media Examiner! And, Linda, how do you get to be such a world traveler! I’m so envious that you’re again going to BlogWorld and will be hob-nobbing with the elite in Social Media. Get some more of your great interviews. I heard they were having the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders there — I’d like to see THAT interview…lol. You are THE ambassador of SM, as you seem to be at all the "cool" events. Keep it up!

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