Lava at the Sheraton Poipu Beach Kauai

sheraton lava restaurant beachfront kauai photo by Linda Sherman

This beach scene on the south shore of Kauai was taken in front of Lava’s at 6:30 PM right before meeting Judy and Allan for dinner there. It was our first time here. Judy and Allan really like it and said we hit an off night. But the beach is beautiful.

Fish and chips or a burger are not options for me. There weren’t enough healthy choices on the menu for me.

So few restaurant designers have figured out lighting. Unfortunately, neither has this one. Seating choices are between harsh over-lighting and dark. No sector lighting, all on one switch which can be turned up or down. Lighting is a very important element in a restaurant. The ladies should always look pretty but you should be able to see your food. Lava is relatively new and we haven’t given up on them.

Update: Two years later, looks like they don’t like it on Yelp either.
After this restaurant they opened Rum Fire and took a spot that had been open to the beach and closed it in with air conditioning.

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