Are You Using GeoLocation Platforms Safely

Linda Sherman interviewing Whrrl about Geolocation Privacy

Today LaLaWag posted an excellent article written by Melissa Jun Rowley FourSquared and FourScared Important interviews with Sarah J. Gim and Paige Craig illustrate the specific types of scams that can happen. I have a great interest in Geolocation platforms and have been striving to use them … [Read more...]

Foursquare Helped us Find SXSW parties, Heather Meeker’s Belmont was my Fave


Dennis Crowley (center) arriving at Heather Meeker's party at the Belmont about 1am The Belmont party was announced spur of the moment March 13. Heather Meeker thanks Mike Prasad for helping to make this whrrl "flash party" happen and Brian Solis for sparking the idea. For the first hour, … [Read more...]