Hand Healing Nicely But Shoulder Not Happy


March 5th Stitches were removed and the FIFTH orthopedic device was put on. It is a hand brace to support and protect the two fingers. Surgical incisions are healing well but the fingers are still very stiff and all the joints need to significantly increase mobility before Ray can effectively … [Read more...]

Post Surgery Update Brace-Splint, Rehab


March 3 Update following accident. Ray saw highly recommended physical therapist, Shira Siegal, who removed the surgical cast, re-dressed the fingers, and created a custom removable orthopedic brace/splint. The new splint allows the device to be removed for physical therapy and hand regular … [Read more...]

Accident on Way to Kaduna Cuts Nigeria Mission Short

accident near Kaduna Nigeria

Ray Gordon was a passenger in rear of this Toyota Sequoia Limited with a professional driver carrying three key members of a World Bank related mission in Nigeria. Ray is the Urban Designer for the mission. During mission trips, there are always several stops in different cities in Nigeria. … [Read more...]