Twitter Group DM

Twitter Group DM illustration by Ray Gordon

My first reaction to hearing about Twitter Group direct messages was negative. "Have a private conversation with anyone on Twitter, even a friend of a friend." Sounds like a motivation to begin culling who you follow on Twitter. On the other hand I can see possibilities. Learning more about the … [Read more...]

Unique Kauai Birthday Message Video

cover for Kauai BD Greeting video with Linda Sherman

Jeff Pulver, the curator of 140conf has made this conference exploring the State of Now a national and international platform. Talks are chosen for their perceived ability to inspire, so bring tissues. Twitter and other social media tools play into the conversation however, they are only tools. You … [Read more...]

Another Step in the Life of Artist Clara Berta


I am proud to say that I began to help Clara Berta of BertaArt  with the world of Social Media and SEO back in April 2009.  She already had a website, which put her ahead of many artists. Since then she has had great progress with Constant Contact mailings, Facebook Page, Twitter, Posterous and … [Read more...]

My Sunday Night Shared Experience Tweet Makes a Hootsuite Webinar Appearance


No doubt it had a lot to do with the timing. Based on the info in the Hootsuite screenshot, when I tweeted this at 11 pm my time in Kauai, it was 5 am on the receiving end. Probably a very quiet time in their home feed giving me a chance to "show up".  The Twitter Community Shared Experience … [Read more...]

Product Placement in “Up in the Air” American Airlines, Hilton, Travelpro

up in the air shot from DaveTaylor

I was one of the last people on my Twitter block to see "Up in the Air". @RayJGordon and I comfortably caught the 10:20 pm show last night at the AMC 24 (5 minutes from my house in Miami). We noticed that George Clooney is becoming more and more reminiscent of Cary Grant but Clooney has so much … [Read more...]

Selective Tweets App Obsoleted by Hootsuite and Tweetdeck Post to Facebook Option

"Selective Tweets" has been obsoleted by @Hootsuite @Tweetdeck post to Facebook option - I tweeted. If you are using or thought about using the third party "Selective Tweets" Facebook application..... Both HootSuite and TweetDeck allow you to choose which tweets to send to status update on … [Read more...]

Otherinbox Proof I am Wearing Your Lovely T Shirt


OK also proof that I turn clothes inside out when I disrobe. Here's Ray horsing around with the clothes I threw on him. I was getting into a gown today for the dermatologist to be able to burn off a few more sun damage whatevers. My first multiple photo Posterous post using iPhone iOS 3.0 in my … [Read more...]

Echofon Pro Does Pull Tweets with TwitPic

By pull tweets, what I mean is that your TwitPic page includes your tweet if you tweet using Echofon. So when I want to send photos from my iPhone, I'll use Echofon for now. It doesn't have the cool embed image links that Yfrog has (used in my last post). But that is actually Image … [Read more...]